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Workplace Security Suggestions

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Here are some general suggestions that may increase your security:

  • Install key-card access systems at main entrances and on other appropriate doors.

  • Issue access control badges, with recent photographs, to all employees and authorized contractors.

  • Upgrade perimeter control systems with intercoms and closed circuit monitoring devices.

  • Keep master and extra keys locked in a security office.

  • Develop crisis communication among key personnel and security office involving intercoms, telephones, duress alarms or other concealed communications.

  • Have a back up communication system, like two-way radio, in case of phone failure.

  • Locate executive offices near the inner core of the building to afford maximum protection and avoid surveillance from the outside.

  • Arrange office space so unescorted visitors can be easily noticed.

  • Have staff follow strict access control procedures, don' t allow exceptions.

  • Keep important papers locked in secure cabinets.

  • Keep offices neat and orderly to identify strange objects or unauthorized people more easily.

  • Empty trash receptacles often.

  • Open packages and large envelopes in executive offices only if the source or sender is positively identified.

  • Keep closets, service openings, telephone and electrical closets locked at all times. Protect crucial communications equipment and utility areas with an alarm system.

  • Avoid stairwells and other isolated areas. Try not to ride the elevator alone with a suspicious person.

  • Don't work late alone or on a routine basis.

  • Keep publicly accessible restroom doors locked and set up a key control system. If there is a combination lock, only office personnel should open the lock for visitors.

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