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The Exciting Blue Badge Reel

Snip, snap and never be bored again. Just be careful when it comes back to you. Oh and, they come in any color and can be customized. WHAT!?!?!

2120-7052 Translucent Blue Badge Reel W/Clear Strap

Model: 2120-7052

In Stock


2120-7052 Translucent Blue Badge Reel W/Clear Strap quantity

Minimum Units of: 100 items

2120-7052-Translucent Blue Premier Carabiner Badge Reel W/ Clear Strap. Reel Diameter 1-1/4″ (32mm). Cord Length 34″ (864mm) – Rated For 100,000 Pulls. Minimum Order 100 Pieces

Remember to snap and swivel!

A badge tether or badge reel is a spring-loaded reeled tether that resembles a button badge in appearance or attachment. It is used to avoid damage to or the loss of small important objects kept on-person that need to be accessed frequently or quickly, such as a ski pass, identification card or badge, name badge, keys, a phone or other handheld device, or a penknife or other small tool.

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