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Shred for extra security

SMART-Bit Shredder

Model: 651577

Make sure you shred after you’re done with your printer ribbon. They still contain all the sensitive data you printed on the card.



  1. Shredable Ribbon TypeDye-Sublimation Ribbon, Resin & Wax Ribbon

  2. Shredable Ribbon Width60mm to 90mm (Installable Ribbon Core Width : Max. 120mm)

  3. Installable Ribbon DiameterMax. ?80

  4. Cutting TypeTwisted Micro Cut

  5. Shredded Particle SizeApprox. 2.5mm


  1. Shredding SpeedMax. 12 meters/minute


  1. Shredder Bin Capacity6 Rolls (YMCKO, 250 cards/roll)


  1. ControlSpeed (Normal or Fast mode), Start & Stop, Reverse

  2. Auto StopFinished Shredding, Ribbon Jam

  3. Interface4 LEDs, 3 Buttons

  4. Power ConsumptionDC 24V, 2A

Want to see a video on this? Click here!

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