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PassagePoint Global v10


A Visitor Management Solution For Global Business

PassagePoint Global v10 represents a new generation in visitor management software (VMS). Now even the most demanding customers, worldwide, can enjoy the benefits of this solution offering integrated security, communications, badging, multi-language support, and advanced reporting, all in one package. Use PassagePoint Global and confusing, cluttered screens are a thing of the past. There’s a brand new interface that’s easy to use and even easier to learn. And it’s powered by the latest technology for improved speed and stability.

From a single workstation to thousands of users worldwide, PassagePoint Global is an ideal solution. A “small foot-print” makes it perfect for one workstation. An optimized network traffic design ensures high performance with minimal impact to enterprise networks. And, an application server architecture makes it a snap to centrally manage a VMS deployment over a large company WAN. PassagePoint Global truly is the one solution for total control.

Only In PassagePoint Global

  1. Control Center: manages an enterprise-wide visitor system centrally and deploys custom settings based on location

  2. Screen Policy: customizes any entry screen, field labels, or hide/require fields, by user, category or policy

  3. ClickView: displays vital info and action buttons in list view

  4. Auto Fill: speeds up data entry and reduces errors or duplications

  5. Mass Notifier: sends custom notifications to groups for emergency or informational purposes

More Features. More Control.

  1. Fully translated in: English, Spanish, French, German, & Japanese, out of the box

  2. Microsoft Outlook calendar integration

  3. Advanced integration with the major access control manufacturers

  4. Biometric fingerprint scanner and visitor record locator

  5. Email notification (with visitor’s photo) on visitor sign-in

  6. Directory linking/create directory of hosts: Active Directory & single sign-on

  7. Return sexual predator match via real time link, including photo and conviction details*

  8. Simplified, more intuitive interface makes it fast to learn and fun to use

  9. Database Flexibility: choose from several database options including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL

  10. Application Server: keeps data secure and makes updates a breeze

  11. Hardware Setup Wizard: Adding hardware is made easy with a step-by-step wizard and a smart installer that pre-installs most of the required drivers

  12. Badge Printing Policy: Allows complex printing rules to be set by administrator, making the user’s job easier

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